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    Get Coupons, Save Dosh, BE SCARED.

    For those of you who don’t know, I work at Terror Behind the Walls, the nation’s #1 haunted house, in Philadelphia, PA.  I am a costumer there.
    I have coupons that are worth five bucks off every ticket for this year’s halloween season, which includes access to all six zones (two of which are BRAND NEW for this year!) and the concession area, filled with tasty funnel cakes, popcorns, carnival foods and lunatic ghost people. If I distribute THE MOST coupons that actually get used in person at TBTW this year, I win 500 dollars, which will be enough for two vet checkups for my cats and food for me! These are very good things.
    PLEASE HELP DISTRIBUTE COUPONS TO FRIENDS, FAMILY, LOCAL STORES OR ON CAMPUSES, ETC.  Help a Marty out! I will mail you the coupons FOR FREE! And if you know people who are already going, why not save them 5 bucks per ticket?  It won’t cost you a cent!  Just email your mailing address (or theirs) to: assassinmarty(at)hotmail.com.  (replace the (at) with @, of course!)  Let me know how many you’d like, there is NO limit on how many you can use!  Even if you just want ONE or TWO for yourself, I’ll send it to you!
    Just remember, they cannot be distributed within one mile of the site itself (Eastern State Penitentiary, which is at the corner of 22nd Street and Fairmount Ave).  They ALSO cannot be placed in the special promotional holders at Lukoil gas stations (they are a sponsor of our show and will have some at every station).  Mine have my special number on them and the ticket takers WILL know if they came from a gas station or near the site, trust me.  They ask everyone where they got them. 
    So please help me win and pay off some of this gigantic moving debt and possibly take my cats to the vet for their checkups, as they have not had them in awhile.  And please come by to see the show and be amazed at my costuming work, especially on the new nurses in the Infirmary zone!  They are awesome.

    PS Don’t live close enough?  Don’t know anyone who is going? RE-BLOG FOR GREAT JUSTICE.  Maybe someone who follows YOU wants to go!  Help them save some money!

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